Erkrankung Durch Musique is your label for contemporary electronic music.
Every night, we are producing for you.
TrashHouse, ´lectroPonk, PolkaBeatbox, Hightechfunk, HarddiskRock.

Our favorite Erkrankung´s about picking up and re-processing musical history
as well as present technological developments in electronic music.
We are influenced by Pop (Chicago-House, Italo-disco, New Romantic, former Top-Ten Elektro) and Rock (Industrial, Punkrock, Acid, Avantgarde).
We are taking the subways in Detroit, Zurich, Berlin, Barcelona, Tokyo, Buenos Aires and Munich.

Constantly creating new sounds in our laboratories at night,
and in the daytime we are searching through piles of records in shady Second-Hand shops to look for bizarre productions and undefinable styles.

Based on our Dancefloor-chart hits and our constant organising of parties and events beyond superficial fashion addiction,
we definetely feel responsible for your car stereo and your favorite dancefloor.